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We love finding gear with quality high enough for us to put our name onto.  We won't rip you off so you can advertise our brand, we aim to bring you stuff you like the look of and are pleased to wear and at a keen price.  Postage is always included too!

Product Catalogue

Steampunk Gin White Tee

Steampunk Gin White Tee in Ringspun Cotton

Sizes Available
Bar Blade
5.00 GBP

You know those really cool bottle openers that you see bartenders using in the cool bars? The ones that are flat and can be spun round the finger? Well here is your chance to get one with our logo proudly laser engraved on it!

Hip Flask
22.00 GBP

Wooden-wrapped, laser engraved with our iconic Octopus logo, this hip flask, which comes in a presentation box, makes the perfect gift for the spirits lover in your life.

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